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See why it’s the right time to invest in robotic solutions

Read the IDC infographic, which offers insights on the expected growth in industrial robotic solution spending​, trends in future robotics investment and more​. Download See why it’s the right time to invest in robotic solutions Whitepaper

Deep learning rising in importance within booming AI sector

The application scenarios of China’s artificial intelligence-powered deep-learning frameworks will be more diversified and buoyed by open-source platforms and large-scale industrial use, with the cost and application threshold to be further lowered, said Ma Yanjun, general manager of Baidu AI technology ecosystem. Meanwhile, deep-learning frameworks will be integrated and innovated with more frontier industries such […]

Next-Gen Media-Buying AI Eliminates The Privacy Versus Performance Trade-Off

The apocalyptic headlines about cookie deprecation and the shift toward privacy have slowed somewhat ­– but don’t get too comfortable. Regulators around the world remain emphatic about privacy, big ad tech still plans big deprecation and a cookieless future for ad tech will be here before you know it. But this is no apocalypse. It’s […]

To evolve, AI must face its limitations

From medical imaging and language translation to facial recognition and self-driving cars, examples of artificial intelligence (AI) are everywhere. And let’s face it: although not perfect, AI’s capabilities are pretty impressive. Even something as seemingly simple and routine as a Google search represents one of AI’s most successful examples, capable of searching vastly more information […]

How AI can help protect you, your company and even the country against cyber threats

In this age of widespread technology use, everyone must be aware of cybersecurity threats. Just as the military reinforced its cybersecurity defenses, companies and individuals should do the same. Cyber threats have become much more frequent and powerful in recent years, and being aware of how to anticipate, recognize and combat them is crucial. In […]

Convergence and adoption of AI and ML countering the cyber threat

During the last few years, we have witnessed an increase in advanced cyber attacks. Cybercriminals utilize advanced technology to breach the digital boundary and exploit enterprises’ security vulnerabilities. No industry feels secure; security professionals do their utmost to close security gaps and strengthen their cyber defense. As new technologies pop up at an unprecedented rate, […]

Workplace Investigation Template

Many human resources investigators find writing workplace investigation reports to be the most onerous part of conducting investigations. How do you know what goes into the investigation report? What dates should you record and how should you organize the report? Case IQ’s Workplace Investigation Report Template is a PDF document that guides you through the […]

(WHY) Understanding Customer Sentiment Is Key To Creating Better CX

What do your customers want? Understand them without them explaining it all to you with sentiment analysis. Need to get up to speed on sentiment analysis in CX? NICE and SSON have the cheat sheet that lays out the hows and whys. Download our Report “(Why) Understanding Customer Sentiment is Key To Creating Better CX” […]