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How AI can help protect you, your company and even the country against cyber threats

In this age of widespread technology use, everyone must be aware of cybersecurity threats.

Just as the military reinforced its cybersecurity defenses, companies and individuals should do the same. Cyber threats have become much more frequent and powerful in recent years, and being aware of how to anticipate, recognize and combat them is crucial.

In the military: Cybersecurity in the military is a complex subject. Cyber threats to sensitive data could happen at any time, especially when it comes to government databases. Anything from malware to ransomware could be a potential threat. One way the military combats cyber threats is through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI has the ability to expand capabilities in protecting systems from potential and imminent threats. Artificial intelligence uses algorithms and machine learning principles to learn the patterns of cyber threats. As the AI learns, it will form and adapt strategies against these evolving threats. While many cybersecurity experts work to ensure the military is protected against cyberattacks, AI can often recognize very small threats that humans may not see — and stop them before they cause irreversible damage.

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